South Farnborough Landscape

Another visit to Caesar’s Camp and the landscape south of Farnborough.

The set is available on Flickr.

Best of 2013/14 Season: EPL and NIHL

A set of 50 of the best photos from the 2013/14 season. Given more processing than time allows when putting them up on match night.

The set can be seen directly in Flickr, there is also a collection (1960 photos) of the season.

2014 EPL Playoff Finals

April 5th and 6th saw the EPL Playoff Finals in Coventry.

Manchester Vs Swindon: Facebook, Flickr
Basingstoke Vs Guildford: Facebook, Flickr

U18s Bracknell Vs Nottingham: Facebook, Flickr
Final: Manchester Vs Basingstoke: Facebook, Flickr

Canadian Rockies Landscape

In a recent trip to Canada, I was able to get the DSLR and Fujifilm X100 cameras out and get some great shots of the landscape: Flickr.
With amazing scenery in every direction, the biggest challenge is actually setting up. The glare is too bright to properly check the camera screen.

South Farnborough Landscape

After trawling Google Earth for areas to photograph, I found one close to home south of Farnborough. Photos on Flickr.

Builds on previous B&W photos here.

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