RAF Beaulieu And New Forest

If you enter 50.805148,-1.503453 into Google Maps, you'll see a mad letter-A scrawled on the landscape. Its whats left of an Amercan WWII base (RAF Beaulieu). I decided to go for a wander and see what it looked like from the ground:

Available on Flickr.

South Farnborough Landscape

Another visit to Caesar’s Camp and the landscape south of Farnborough.

The set is available on Flickr.

Best of 2013/14 Season: EPL and NIHL

A set of 50 of the best photos from the 2013/14 season. Given more processing than time allows when putting them up on match night.

The set can be seen directly in Flickr, there is also a collection (1960 photos) of the season.

2014 EPL Playoff Finals

April 5th and 6th saw the EPL Playoff Finals in Coventry.

Manchester Vs Swindon: Facebook, Flickr
Basingstoke Vs Guildford: Facebook, Flickr

U18s Bracknell Vs Nottingham: Facebook, Flickr
Final: Manchester Vs Basingstoke: Facebook, Flickr

Canadian Rockies Landscape

In a recent trip to Canada, I was able to get the DSLR and Fujifilm X100 cameras out and get some great shots of the landscape: Flickr.
With amazing scenery in every direction, the biggest challenge is actually setting up. The glare is too bright to properly check the camera screen.

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