Blue Box Sailing

Sailing in the Solent, with Blue Box Sailing.

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2014 Goodwood Festival Of Speed

The forecast rain stayed away and the opening Friday on the 2014 Goodwood Festival Of Speed couldn’t have been better.

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ZoomUnits Version 2.2 Now Out

The ZoomUnits iPhone app is now upgraded to have a unit-selection picker. This replaces the double-tap gesture as a more intuitive way to select units. As part of this change, all the units are now available for comparison, expanding upon the previous “Imperial Vs Metric” aspect of the app.

The new version is available on the iOS App Store and more information is available here.

RAF Beaulieu And New Forest

If you enter 50.805148,-1.503453 into Google Maps, you'll see a mad letter-A scrawled on the landscape. Its whats left of an Amercan WWII base (RAF Beaulieu). I decided to go for a wander and see what it looked like from the ground:

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South Farnborough Landscape

Another visit to Caesar’s Camp and the landscape south of Farnborough.

The set is available on Flickr.

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